[nos-bbs] JNOS B2F and WL2K RMS, 64 bit JNOS, web based VNC for JNOS ...

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 00:40:59 EDT 2009

>  2 months ago forwarding with WL2K RMS was still working
> Bob, can you send me the necessary configs that you used at the time
> to forward with the RMS system ? I would appreciate it so that I can
> try it myself. I don't know off hand how to talk to an RMS system.

There's no difference as far as we clients are concerned.   The difference
behind the WL2K access point is that now we talk directly to one of the core
servers (through the AP) instead of the middleman CMS stations as before.

My hunch is they have new code that handles the transactions and they are
now looking at some of the fields that were being ignored before.

> Quite honestly, the last tests I did was with Airmail and the *older*
> W2LK PBMO systems. I must admit, I have fallen behind, and don't know
> anything about the latest RMS setups. If that comment makes no sense
> to anyone, then I'm most certainly lost :)
> I've been a bit burnt out lately, and my focus right now is to get 64
> bit going, and I have a special surprise coming soon, call it :
>   Web based VNC for JNOS sessions ...

I've been getting a kick out of showing off the APRS web server..   First
"jnos on an iPhone Touch"...   Just having  that basic access working has
been cool.  If we get a little more of the system functionality - it'll be
way cool.

>  Will see what it does with version 2g4
> It's version 2.0G (not 2g4 as some have been calling it).

oops.  I guess it was 2.0F4 on the past release.

> I hope the CPU consumption is under control with this release.
> I don't know. I'm still looking into that issue.

I've never seen that - but I'm not dealing with any significant messages on
the system.

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