[hfsig] RE: Report From the DCC

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Thu Sep 23 20:53:17 EDT 2004

Does anyone know if the papers are available to read or if a recording will
be available eventually?

The TAPR site had CDs from 2000 but nothing more recent. So I assume they've
discontinued the recordings.

Ralph KC2RLM 


> Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 13:56:51 CDT
> From: dubose at texas.net
> Subject: [hfsig] Report From the DCC
> To: hfsig at lists.tapr.org

> I attended the DCC this past weekend and presented G4HPE's 
> paper on "A Practical Evaluation and Comparison of Some 
> Modern Data Modes".  
> It was a GREAT Conference and I appreciate the local groups 
> and TAPR for putting on such a GREAT event. Next year 
> everyone should make plans to attend.  
> And the year after will be our 25th year of the DCC and 
> hopefully everyone will want to attend.
> Other papers of interest to the list were 


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