[hfsig] Report From the DCC

dubose at texas.net dubose at texas.net
Mon Sep 13 14:56:51 EDT 2004

I attended the DCC this past weekend and presented G4HPE's paper on 
"A Practical Evaluation and Comparison of Some Modern Data Modes".  

It was a GREAT Conference and I appreciate the local groups and TAPR for 
putting on such a GREAT event. Next year everyone should make plans to attend.  
And the year after will be our 25th year of the DCC and hopefully everyone will 
want to attend.

Other papers of interest to the list were "DttSP" by FrankBrickle, AB2KT and 
Bob McGwier, N4HY; "Digital Chat Modes" by Patrick, F6CTE; "PSFKFEC31 and 
PSK63F" by also by Patrick, F6CTE; "SCAMP" (a sound card modem for HF and maybe 
V/UHF) by Rick, Muething, KN6KB (presented by W5SMM since KN6KB was repairing 
his QTH in Flordia due to hurricane damage...best wishes for speedy repairs and 
complete repairs on his house to Rick and his family.  Also Vic Poor, W5SMM, 
also has some roof damage.).  "Digital Messaging for ARES, A Progress Report" 
by W5SMM, "Software Design Radios-The Future is Now" by Gerald Youngblood, 
AC5OG, and "HamDream Mel Whitten, K0PFX "RF Protocol Proposal" by Bob McGwier, 
N4HY, Peter Martinez, G3PLX, and Dave Bernstein AA6YQ (Peter could not make the 

Of the many things I learned, one was that the either the ARRL ARESCOM 
Committee or the WinLink Development Team has purchased a Real-Time CCIR-520 
Compliant HF Channel Simulator from KC7WW.  They tested Pactor I/II/III.  From 
the chart presented, it appears that none of the Pactor modes  (I, II, III) has 
significantly more throughput at a 0 dB SNR than MT63-2K and infact we know 
that at -8 to -10 dB SNR, MT63-2K has a 200 WPM throughput.

Kudos to the WinLink team for selecting KC7WW's channel simulator...I hope that 
this can become the ubiguitous channel server for amateur radio HF 
communications or if not, at a minimum the standard for other channel 
simulators to emulate.
Also, SCAMP was presented as an open source sound card modem that has 
throughput somewhere between where Pactor II and III are and at 0 dB SNR a 
thoughtput above or close to what MT63 has.  SCAPM will work with the WinLink 
Also note that the SDR-1000 radio now has a 100 watt amplifier and alpha Linux 
software control of the radio.

Again, thanks to all who made the DCC possible.

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