[aprssig] JOTA and APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 13 15:56:48 EDT 2017

Your thinking of CQSRVR where APRS stations anywhere can CQ all other like

Just send an APRS message to CQSRVR and the first two words are CQ JOTA ...

That will go to evry other such station that has done the same thing.  When
you see any responses, be sure to send them a directed email message.

But unless you announce this on the Scouting lists or school club roundups,
few will know about it.  What list is best and Ill make the announcem,ent


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Hi folks,

In the past, I vaguely recall that there are ways to use APRS for the
Scouting "Jamboree on the Air" event.  I'm involved with a local club's
effort this year to host a multi-mode Ham event, and thought APRS would be
good to include.

I've verified that I do have good APRS coverage at the site, including
access to IS via the Digi / iGate infrastructure.  I am thinking to have a
large display of APRS-IS running - every kid will recognize and relate to a
live "marauder's map".  I figure we can do something with my Kenwood HT to
send messages, perhaps bounce off the email service to send a message to
their (or their parent's) cell phone.  Also from the IS to the Kenwood.  I
may try to bounce something off the ISS, if they turn on the Digi up there
in time.  There's only one of me (the others are running different HF
stations), so communicating between stations at the event would be a
one-hand-clapping sort of show.

Isn't there also a service of some sort where the kids can message each


Greg  KO6TH

p.s.   Look for us as K6J on the weekend of 10/21!

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