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Jim Conrad jjc at oceanviewcom.com
Thu Jan 5 00:11:01 EST 2017


Since getting the IGATE online a few weeks ago I 
have been monitoring the RF congestion. My IGATE 
has not considerably impacted the area 
throughput. The WX3in1 generates a fair amount of 
statistics to track usage and issues. It appears 
that I am the only IGATE in the area looking at 
the paths and I don't have great coverage since 
my antenna is only at 20ft. Most of my gating (RF 
to IS) is via better coverage DIGIs in the area. 
As an example in the last 12 hours my IGATE has 
gated 1521 RF to APRS-IS packets but only 30 APRS-IS to RF.

I have seen the TCPIP devices rapidly report 
positions you mention (think one of the offenders 
was some type of IPhone app) looking at the raw 
packets that APRS Direct logs. One of the reasons 
I changed my IS to RF filter down to 2 max 
packets per 1 min, 4 per 2 min and 6 per 3 min to 
prevent a flood to/congestion of the RF side.

If you are interested in reading about the WX3in1 
it's made by a company in Poland called Microsat. 
Sold in the US by HRO and RPC. Links below 
provide info, Microsat has a facebook page and a 
webpage for support. Currently there page 
indicates that there are 867 active WX3in1's on 
the air in the world. Device and the accessories 
etc are very impressive and not that expensive 
considering the capability. The units 
construction quality is excellent. Default 
settings with minor changes (callsign, network 
etc) make getting the station online rather 
quickly. Been involved in APRS for a while but 
never as an IGATE or DIGI so I am learning quite a bit as I go.



..Jim - N4WFP

At 09:27 PM 1/3/2017, Lee Bengston wrote:
>Actually he referred to providing a picture for 
>RF stations as opposed to a picture of RF.  I 
>can see the benefit with respect to messaging. 
>Someone on RF could see someone on a phone, and send them a message.
>There was a bug in AprsDroid a while back (now 
>fixed as far as I know) that resulted in 
>stations sending positions very rapidly, so 
>there is the risk of gating an Android device running an old version.
>IMO it all depends on RF traffic in a local 
>area. If it's very low, it should be OK to RF 
>gate the phones, especially with rate limiting 
>functionality in the Igate. How low is low - 
>yeah, it's subjective. Whether the device in 
>question can do it is really a question for the 
>maker of that device - does it have its own mailing list?
>Now for non-APRS RF resources that may benefit 
>by being announced on APRS, which what you may 
>be headed toward, look at Bob's info here:Â 
>I have to admit I haven't looked at that yet; 
>thanks for sharing.  Off to take a look.
>Lee - K5DATÂ
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