[aprssig] New IGate Operator

Jim Conrad jjc at oceanviewcom.com
Tue Jan 3 05:46:00 EST 2017

Hi All;

I'm a new IGATE/Digi operator seeking some advice. I think I have 
everything up and running correctly (N4WFP-5). I'm using one of the 
Microsat WX3in1. It's currently set up in Norfolk VA as a test 
although the results I have seen make me likely to leave it setup for 
the long term.

I have read most of the various articles on IGATE operation and 
understand the importance of proper IS>RF gating. I'm trying to get 
the gate to forward the local TCPIP based position packets of the 
hams in the area using I-Devices and Android to RF. So far I have 
been unsuccessful.

Any help would be appreciated. Also comments or concerns noted would 
also be appreciated.

Jim - N4WFP

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