[aprssig] APRS to DX spot gateway?

Todd gaffit at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 27 15:38:14 EDT 2016

Curious if there is an aprs to dxcluster spot gateway?  I tried 
searching google earlier but
didn't find anything that looked like it would work.  I'm not looking to 
receive dx spots, only
looking to get one inputted via aprs while remote with no cell/internet 

There is an APRS to SOTA gateway, something that works pretty good and 
have used in the
past on SOTA summits, but looking to do some NPOTA here in the near 
future from remote
northeast northern CA.  Having  just returned from the Sequoia and Kings 
Nat'l Parks, where
little to no cell coverage existed, had to really work hard to get the 
activations going - hence
the thought of maybe something might already be out there that I haven't 
been able to find  ;-)

I could also use aprslink to get an sms/email off to someone who could 
then spot me, but
looking to eliminate any middleman in the process...



73, Todd KH2TJ

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