[aprssig] Orphaned Argent Data GPS? Panic!

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Mar 31 21:42:20 EDT 2015

If they're the 6-pin wafer type, it's probably like this:

1 - LVTTL out
2 - LVTTL in
3 - RS-232 out
4 - RS-232 in
5 - Power
6 - Ground

Sounds like what you've got is a GT-525.  Wieson is the patch antenna 
manufacturer, I think.  I don't recall the GT-525 being high-altitude 
capable but I'm not certain.  The GT-320FW was, but it's at least 1" across.


On 3/31/2015 4:46 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Re: List of popular consumer transceivers that CANNOT interact due to 
> interoperability problem demonstrating market niche for Comms Hub / 
> tactical mapping program
> I’m 12 hours from a balloon launch and I opened my box of tiny GPS 
> receivers we have had from Argent Data and the bag has no docs!  I go 
> to the Argent data web site, and the GPS is not shown!
> Does anyone know the pin out of these tiny receivers?  (I assume they 
> came from Argent Data since that is the box they are in).
> They are tiny, about ¾” square and say WIESON on them.  They come with 
> a pigtail of black, red, blue white, blue yellow.  But I can find 
> nothing about where is 5V and NMEA out?
> Thanks
> Bob
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> *Subject:* Re: List of popular consumer transceivers that CANNOT 
> interact due to interoperability problem demonstrating market niche 
> for Comms Hub / tactical mapping program
> The Tracker3 already has an option to put out the NMEA strings for TNP 
> for everything it decodes off the air.  I haven't touched it in a long 
> time and I haven't really had any feedback from users on it, so I'm 
> not sure how widely it might be used.
> If someone comes up with a working reference implementation for a Rino 
> receiver I'd be happy to look into integrating that, when time allows.
> Scott
> On 6/10/2014 8:39 AM, Ed Lecuyer wrote:
>     Hi Anthony (and all)
>     We have no immediate plans to extend TNP in such a manner.
>     Moreover, it is doubtful that anyone would be able to secure the
>     permissions and protocols from all of these competing
>     manufacturers to produce a single product that would communicate
>     universally.'
>     '
>     That said, if someone were to produce such a product and have it
>     spout out NMEA strings in the format we have documented, then TNP
>     could be used as a display engine. To pull this off, someone
>     (independent of all of the major mapping apps, etc.) might be able
>     to secure the permissions and protocols needed.
>     If someone is willing to take on such a project, I will be happy
>     to supply a copy of TNP once they are reaching the stage of
>     needing a rendering engine. Until then, we are not interested in
>     attempting to develop such an application.
>     Thanks,
>     Ed Lecuyer
>     Product Manager, Terrain Navigator Pro
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>     On Jun 10, 2014 at 8:36 AM Anthony Mascola
>     <anthony.mascola at gmail.com <mailto:anthony.mascola at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         Below is a list of VERY popular consumer products which track
>         the operator's
>         position and can send and receive position and other
>         information and display
>         this on a moving map tactical display. The problem of
>         interoperability
>         however creates a situation where these devices currently
>         CANNOT hear or be
>         heard by others without the proprietary format and there is no
>         way to merge
>         all this data on a single tactical display. What results is a
>         very
>         fragmented system that loses tremendous potential for
>         coordinating
>         operations. We desperately need a very high quality universal
>         mapping and
>         communications hub program with up to date urban maps, USGS
>         topo and Marine
>         charts where transceivers on each of the frequencies can be
>         connected to a
>         single computer with a single tactical display. The incident
>         command center
>         can have a properly licensed operator at the computer and
>         hardware that is
>         FCC approved for transmitting on that frequency which can be
>         activated.
>         This person can ID the field operators, see the location of
>         the field
>         operators at all times on the map and have multiple ways to
>         communicate with
>         that person from from flashing a signal mirror along a bearing
>         to a target,
>         sending a person on foot to a specific location, calling,
>         emailing or
>         texting their mobile phone, calling them on their UHF or VHF
>         HT or sending a
>         satellite text message or placing a satellite phone call to
>         that person.
>         There is a market for a company which will take the lead and
>         develop
>         something that can understand and speak with the common
>         formats below and
>         display location and messaging data in a single integrated
>         place. This
>         needs to be affordable and easy to use. It should be scalable
>         and usable
>         for cub scouts all the way up to multi-agency search. Position
>         data can be
>         translated by this hub and sent as waypoints to all of the
>         different radio
>         services and not violate any FCC rules that way each field
>         operator can see
>         the others in the field as updated waypoints and at least know
>         the positions
>         of the team at all times. Other freq data could be attached to
>         the position
>         packet so the person could go direct with whatever common RF
>         they have.
>         Please consider this request as there is nothing on the market
>         currently
>         which solves the interoperability problem.
>         AM
>         Mobile Phone
>         Any modern GPS enabled mobile phone, iPhone, Android, Windows
>         etc..
>         Satellite
>         DeLorme InReach: http://www.inreachdelorme.com/
>         SPOT: http://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=217
>         <http://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=217&gclid=CILnhtC8774CFfHm7Aod_E
>         oAvA> &gclid=CILnhtC8774CFfHm7Aod_EoAvA
>         VHF/UHF handheld transceivers
>         Amateur Band
>         Any APRS or DPRS Handheld Transceiver
>         Examples: Kenwood THd72A, TMd710GA, Yaesu several models, ICOM
>         several
>         models just google manufacturer and put APRS or DPRS in search
>         field
>         Private Land Mobile Radio Service
>         Motorola
>         http://www.motorolasolutions.com/US-EN/Business+Product+and+Services/Two-way
>         +Radios/Project-25-P25-Radios/Portable+Radios/APX_7000XE
>         Many others
>         GMRS Band
>         Garmin Rino http://sites.garmin.com/rino/
>         MURS Band
>         Garmin Astro http://sites.garmin.com/astro/
>         Marine Band
>         Standard Horizon HX851:
>         http://www.standardhorizon.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts
>         <http://www.standardhorizon.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=85
>         &ProdID=1558&DivisionID=3> &ProdCatID=85&ProdID=1558&DivisionID=3
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