[aprssig] $60 WinBook TW700 Tablet -- Webpage With More Info Up

Stan Leeds srkleeds at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 11 07:32:51 EST 2015

Randy & All,

I had the 10" version with APRSIS32 connected to my D710 for the 
Beavercreek Resolution run.  It ran for the whole race and then the trip 
home on battery.  That's almost six hours.  Now I only have it 
configured for monitoring instead of control of the D70, but that's 
currently how I like it and it fits my need.

Next week or so, I'm trying the T3 micro for a TNC with it.

Stan, KC7EHJ

On 2/8/2015 3:30 PM, Randy Allen wrote:
> Thanks for the info!
> I wonder how well APRSIS would run on it.  Maybe caching the maps on 
> the SD card?
> 73
> Randy KAØAZS
> On 2/8/2015 13:52, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>> Since my previous post on this topic, I have received a flood of
>> inquiries for more info about this cheap tablet running Windows.
>> I have now added a page to my website with pictures and more details
>> about this device. Go to:
>> -
>> - <http://wa8lmf.net/Winbook_Tablet>
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