[aprssig] $60 WinBook TW700 Tablet -- Webpage With More Info Up

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Feb 9 14:24:12 EST 2015

On 2/9/2015 1:57 PM, Steven Kalmar wrote:
> I just picked up a TW801.  I've heard that it's the next one up from the TW700
> that can support Windows 10.  I literally just powered it on, but it appears
> snappy.
> I'll be trying it with my TM-D710g and TH-D72a.
> Steve

It's a natural for the D72 since the D72's main out is USB.  A standard USB-A 
(for the tablet host port) to mini-USB B (for the Kenwood's client port) cable 
will connect the two.

With the 710, you will have the extra clumsyness of a USB-to-serial converter 
cable/dongle connected to a DB9-to-Mini-DIN8 cable, to mate with the D710's 
Macintosh-style 8-pin mini-DIN serial ports.

Or one could make a custom all-in-one cable.  FTDI offers their USB<-->serial 
converter chip mounted on a tiny naked PC board soldered-to/supported-by by a 
bare USB A plug.  It has tiny pads for soldering wires to the serial side.

Cut up a MiniDIN-8 cable keeping most of the wire on the male end, solder the 
appropriate conductors to the pads on the FTDI board, and cover the assembly 
with a couple of layers of heatshrink.



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