OT: Re: [aprssig] Tethering to Cell Phone

Dennis Hudson n2lbt at spamcop.net
Fri Feb 10 09:33:36 EST 2006

The GPRS tethering is the same principal as ATTWS(Blue) and Cingular 
(Orange) are now the same network in most locations. See http:// 
www.taniwha.org.uk/gprs.html for the APN, Username and Password along  
with some general instructions. The 2G Razr works fine for GPRS at  
~128k which is plenty for a filtered feed on APRS. As with ATT, and  
most all other carriers, tethering your laptop on a unlimited Media  
Net plan is a violation of your TOS. Read up on the rules before you  
decide. That being said, it works fine. In fact the Razr seems to be  
~10-20k faster than my Treo tethered.

Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
Albany, NY

On Feb 10, 2006, at 03:03 AM, aprssigs wrote:

> I am considering setting up a portable station that could be an I- 
> Gate by tethering my laptop to a cell phone for an internet  
> connection.  Or to simply connect to APRS without a tnc.  I can  
> currently do this with an ATTWS phone via Bluetooth, but I want to  
> migrate to Cingular and use a Razr.  Has anyone had luck tethering  
> a PDA or laptop to a Cingular Bluetooth cell phone?    If so please  
> send me details such as what plan you have, cell phone, how you are  
> tethering, codes that you had to dial to connect, etc.  I  
> especially would like to do this with a regular cell phone, not a  
> pda type.
> Thanks,
> Ron, N7QXO
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