[TangerineSDR] New Dual-Freq GPS Module

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Fri Apr 17 09:36:11 EDT 2020

Just FYI --

I just discovered that SkyTraq has a new GPS module, PX1122R, that seems
very comparable to the uBlox ZED-F9P, with a couple of exceptions noted

It's dual frequency and has a built-in RTK processing engine -- that
means you can feed it correction data and get corrected results in
real-time.  The claimed accuracy is 1.5m CEP autonomous, or 1 cm plus 1
ppm when in RTK mode.

There is a PPS signal with claimed 12 ns accuracy.

The good news is that the module is $99 quantity 1 (they also have a
breakout board for $125 and an evaluation board for $150).

The bad news is that, at least from the data sheet, it's unclear what
data outputs it provides -- there are a limited number of NMEA sentences
listed, but it also supports RTCM 3.1 and "Skytraq raw data binary".

I *think* but am not sure that the RTCM message output provides the raw
data needed to create RINEX files and generate TEC (I'm happy for input
on that point).  And I don't know whether the binary protocol provides a
sawtooth or quantization error correction message to improve the PPS

I ordered one of the evaluation boards to test, but depending on the
data output capabilities this device may not be well suited for
timekeeping or the TangerineSDR.

Data sheet:	http://navspark.mybigcommerce.com/content/PX1122R_DS.pdf


Breakout board:

Eval Board:


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