[nos-bbs] RPI running JNOS

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 20:11:45 EDT 2020


> On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 11:31 AM Sky <sky at aa6ax.us> wrote:

Hello Sky and the NOSBBS world...

Mesh continues to bring back the fun of packet - I know - the tunnel's
are cheating a bit but hey - with NPR and LORA coming soon we'll have
new tech that fills that missing 1 to 10 mile coverage at a useable

Yesterday as a zero pi day big time.  I went from zero to three in a
couple hours.  Having prepurchased the essentials worked out well.
The USB-Micro to 3 regular USB ports  (and one with Ethernet) made it
easy to hook up the keyboard and mouse to get running.

The middle pi zero was a bit of an impediment.  Worked on getting it
associated with the local WIFI for a hour before I noticed the missing
W (as in Wifi Wireless) on the circuit board.  Plugged in the hub with
Ethernet and it came right up.

The associate at the end of the tunnel set up another PI for me this
morning.  Since then I've compiled JNOS and delivered it over the
tunnel so it's running at the remote site.   Thus leaving only the
minor task of configuring JNOS.  If only I had a nickel for every
config change...

Lot's of history with JNOS and many historical config files but since
I'm starting fresh I'll take the packaged jnos installer for a test

(Hey Maiko - there's still a couple references to the jnosinstaller in
the Makefile...)

There isn't much happening on the MESH world - that's about to change
when JNOS gets running.  Specially the web pages and even MRTG stats.
 LINBPQ has more web interaction - but it's even harder to get going
than JNOS.  I'll take it for a mesh test drive soon.
> Hey, Bill ——

> Compile was 100% easy.

Yes - copied the config.h.default - removed a couple defines not
needed for a pure IP environement and removed the two jnosinstalls.

> My JNOS appears at on the Pi via the tunnel set up in autoexec.nos. So I can access any services there that are listening. Is this what you're asking?

I'm expecting these jnos instances will use another 10. address on the
mesh.   Kinda like the old 44 net days.  That was my original
question.  With 'real' linux the TUN interface allows connecting JNOS
(like a virtual machine) to the hosting Linux.   Is that how you set
up your interface.

> I use home-built Python add-ons to knit my JNOS into other capabilities like email. I use regular email app (Claws Mail) to send and receive thru JNOS (like using Outpost PMM, but without the need to run Windows). There are a few glitches that are getting worked out, but basically this works really, really smoothly.

That's where I hope this leads.   It'll provide a locally hosted email
system I can access with Thunderbird or alpine - I think Alpine is the
client these days. I left ELM at the y2k and still miss it.  NNTP
newsgroups, CONVER chat and the whole works - handled on a relatively
safe relatively quiet VPN'ish 10. net.

> See https://SFWEM.NET/

Are you hooked on the big AREDN test tunnel with around 600 stations?
 Right now I want both - the big tunnel worldwide and a nice quiet
local net with friends.  I picked up a Mikrotiq hAP (
https://amzn.to/3h80O1P ) for a full time tunnel server.   I may get a
second one so I can be on both networks.

> —Sky
> —Amateur Radio AA6AX
> http://aa6ax.us/


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