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Sky sky at aa6ax.us
Thu Jul 16 22:23:16 EDT 2020

Answers inline. If this isn't appropriate for this list, let me know.

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On 7/16/20 5:11 PM, Bill Vodall wrote:
> )
>> On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 11:31 AM Sky <sky at aa6ax.us> wrote:
> Hello Sky and the NOSBBS world...
> Mesh continues to bring back the fun of packet - I know - the tunnel's
> are cheating a bit but hey - with NPR and LORA coming soon we'll have
> new tech that fills that missing 1 to 10 mile coverage at a useable
> speed.
> Yesterday as a zero pi day big time.  I went from zero to three in a
> couple hours.  Having prepurchased the essentials worked out well.
> The USB-Micro to 3 regular USB ports  (and one with Ethernet) made it
> easy to hook up the keyboard and mouse to get running.
> The middle pi zero was a bit of an impediment.  Worked on getting it
> associated with the local WIFI for a hour before I noticed the missing
> W (as in Wifi Wireless) on the circuit board.  Plugged in the hub with
> Ethernet and it came right up.
> The associate at the end of the tunnel set up another PI for me this
> morning.  Since then I've compiled JNOS and delivered it over the
> tunnel so it's running at the remote site.   Thus leaving only the
> minor task of configuring JNOS.  If only I had a nickel for every
> config change...
> Lot's of history with JNOS and many historical config files but since
> I'm starting fresh I'll take the packaged jnos installer for a test
> ride.
> (Hey Maiko - there's still a couple references to the jnosinstaller in
> the Makefile...)
> There isn't much happening on the MESH world - that's about to change
> when JNOS gets running.  Specially the web pages and even MRTG stats.
>  LINBPQ has more web interaction - but it's even harder to get going
> than JNOS.  I'll take it for a mesh test drive soon.
>> Hey, Bill ——
>> Compile was 100% easy.
> Yes - copied the config.h.default - removed a couple defines not
> needed for a pure IP environement and removed the two jnosinstalls.
>> My JNOS appears at on the Pi via the tunnel set up in autoexec.nos. So I can access any services there that are listening. Is this what you're asking?
> I'm expecting these jnos instances will use another 10. address on the
> mesh.   Kinda like the old 44 net days.  That was my original
> question.  With 'real' linux the TUN interface allows connecting JNOS
> (like a virtual machine) to the hosting Linux.   Is that how you set
> up your interface.
My is configured in the autoexec.nos file. That's all I
know. –Sky
>> I use home-built Python add-ons to knit my JNOS into other capabilities like email. I use regular email app (Claws Mail) to send and receive thru JNOS (like using Outpost PMM, but without the need to run Windows). There are a few glitches that are getting worked out, but basically this works really, really smoothly.
> That's where I hope this leads.   It'll provide a locally hosted email
> system I can access with Thunderbird or alpine - I think Alpine is the
> client these days. I left ELM at the y2k and still miss it.  NNTP
> newsgroups, CONVER chat and the whole works - handled on a relatively
> safe relatively quiet VPN'ish 10. net.
Precisely. This stuff should be easy enough for regular folk to use it.
I'm tired of going into an emergency simulation and taking 2 hours to
fiddle with parameters before the packet station can be up and running. —Sky
>> See https://SFWEM.NET/
> Are you hooked on the big AREDN test tunnel with around 600 stations?
>  Right now I want both - the big tunnel worldwide and a nice quiet
> local net with friends.  I picked up a Mikrotiq hAP (
> https://amzn.to/3h80O1P ) for a full time tunnel server.   I may get a
> second one so I can be on both networks.
SFWEM.NET is local with about 60 nodes. Tunnels are a problem as they
add too many nodes. —Sky
>> —Sky
>> —Amateur Radio AA6AX
>> http://aa6ax.us/

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