[nos-bbs] update on Ubuntu 19.04, tun errors, j2pwrtns not linking

M Langelaar maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Sun Sep 29 21:26:07 EDT 2019

Just an update if anyone cares for the technical explanation ...

TUN.C errors

   I have a proper fix for the tun compile errors, but it requires a bunch
   of restructuring of JNOS include (header) files. This is not necessarily
   a bad thing, since the existing JNOS include files are huge in size, and
   this has always caused me problems, when I need to have only a small
   portion of an include file,  it's the remaining gazillion lines which 
   things to break elsewhere. So I'm working on splitting out portions of
   some of the big include files, into smaller invidivual ones to 'fix it'.

J2PWRTNS.C errors

It would seem the setkey and encrypt functions (DES based) from the
crypt lib have been deemed obsolete, meaning I will have to rewrite the
password routines I put together for the Winlink stuff, meaning IF you
want to continue using Winlink Secure Login with JNOS, you can't use
a distro like Ubuntu 19.04 at this time, and I don't know what other
'recent' distributions are doing the same, sorry.

Would make sense to have another 'release' to deal with all of this at 
some point.

Maiko / VE4KLM

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