[nos-bbs] New here - beginner getting started questions

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I didn't see any responses to you.

First:  welcome.

Second:  The easiest way to start is to create a packet station with a TNC and connect to an existing BBS.  Jumping right into operating the BBS/server when you have no experience with the client is running before you can crawl.  
The following web page summarizes our local equipment recommendations for individual packet stations:

Our users use the Outpost packet client.  Very nice.

You'll have to check with your local ham clubs regarding locating nearby BBSs. If you can't find one, then you can learn a lot with two TNCs/radios, one to connect to the other.  From the client perspective, it's virtually identical to connecting to a multi-user BBS.

Third:  If you are set on running your own JNOS BBS, you'll really want to run it on Linux.  I know many people use Ubuntu, but other distros also work.  Not much processing power is needed.  Some folks run on as little as a Raspberry Pi.  Most of your old machines will probably work.

The following two web pages summarize what we recommend for local folks who want to get into running a BBS and who may ultimately want to be one of our BBS sysadmins.  

Note that these pages are slanted to our particular environment, which uses JNOS on Ubuntu and which focuses on commercial-level uptime/availability.  Hobbyist-level requirements will be somewhat less intense.

BTW:  My recollection is that the JNOS installer mostly works, but generates a default config file (autoexec.nos) that's not quite right.  If I remember correctly, it doesn't set the mycall/bbscall correctly.  But I don't recall the specific problem.  The version of the binary that it installs is also old, but you can always compile a new binary once you get started.

Good luck,


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> Hello, my name is Devin. I have had my Amateur technicians licence for
> about 3 years now, call sign KM4BOE. I have had an interest in packet
> and digital modes for a while, but have not gotten much done yet. I
> Have  a few different TNC's to get started with.
> I am interested in getting a NOS variant running under DOS and UNIX.
> It may not be the most practical thing in the world, but i was trying
> out jnos on an 8088 luggable pc. Aside from not knowing how to
> configure things, it seemed to be working well enough. I also have a
> large collection of old machines that run UNIX. they already run full
> time under a dialup modem, i was looking to make them do a bit more
> and see if i could get a nos variant running full time.
> I know quite a bit about old computer hardware and such, however i
> have limited knowlege when it comes to radio. I am looking for advice
> to get me moving in the right direction. What needs to be done to get
> my hardware on the air and connected to other systems? Is there any
> database of other machines near me that i can link to?
> --Devin
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