[nos-bbs] Where has the time gone?

jerome schatten romers at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 15 13:33:04 EDT 2017

I have two pi’s running on my lan: One has jnos on it and the other BPQ.  The jnos pi crashed yesterday and in bringing it up again, there were errors which  I was able to deal with. The major thing that is not working now is NTP — I noticed that I’m ten minutes out.

I looked at port 123 with tcpdump and nada.  Port 123 is open in both directions but no client server activity is shown.

On the other pi on the lan, NTP works perfectly, so I’m confident I’m receiving the broadcasts.

/etc/ntp.conf is using the defaults — I never touched that.

Before I reload the operating system on the flakey pi, I was wondering if there were things I might check first.

jerome - ve7ass

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