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Charles J. Hargrove n2nov at n2nov.net
Tue Jul 11 06:56:59 EDT 2017

Here is a problem that has always annoyed me and caused me to do a 
manual workaround.  You can respond to a private message by typing SR, 
but when you do it for a bulletin it goes to the sender and not the 
flood address (all at ww, etc).

Unless there is something I missed in the manual over the years as
Maiko made updates, this is what I get in the help file for Send:

help s
  S[end] <user>[ @ <host>] [< <from_addr>] [$<bulletin_id>]
  SR [msg_number]
  SF <user>[ @ <host>] [< <from_addr>] [$<bulletin_id>]
  ST <zipcode> @ NTSss

The send command allows you to enter a message  and send it to a user at
either this system, or some other system on the network. The "from_addr"
and "bulletin_id" fields are  for special use and won't be covered here.
The "S" command  may also be followed by "P", "B", or any  other message
type  you use  (e.g. SP wb7xxx @ n7xxx for personal messages, SB for
bulletins, ST for traffic messages, etc.).

"SR" allows you to "reply" to either the current message or the message
number specified.  The subject will be copied and the reply will be sent
to the address it was sent from, as well as to any Cc'd users other than

"SF" will forward a copy of the current message to the user specified.
You will be asked for a subject, and the incorporated message will be
preceded and followed by a line indicating the message was forwarded.

"SC" allows you to send a personal message to more than one user. The
system will prompt with "Cc: ", which allows you to add more users to be
sent Carbon-copies of the message.  Separate users on the Cc line with
commas, spaces or tabs.

"ST" sends NTS traffic; ss is the 2-letter state code.  The subject
should give the city, state, and phone number for the recipient, and the
body should contain the recipient's name and physical address, then the

send kf7xx            (Send a message to the local user, kf7xx)
s kf7xx at wb7xxx        (Send a message to kf7xx at the wb7xxx host)
sb all at sale           (Send a bulletin describing something for sale)
sr 3                  (Reply to message number 3)
sf n7aaa%n7bbb at w7ccc  (Forward current msg to n7aaa at n7bbb via w7ccc)
sc wg7j               (Send with Carbon-copy to others)
Cc: ka7ehk, n7dva at n7dva
st 72081 at ntsar        (Sent NTS msg to Little Rock, Arkansas)

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