[nos-bbs] Where has the time gone?

SP2L SP2L at sp2l.ampr.org
Sat Jul 15 14:48:54 EDT 2017


Try to set time manually:

    date 1707152047

where 2047 is your local time.

Best regards.
Tom - SP2L

On 15.07.2017 19:33, jerome schatten wrote:
> I have two pi’s running on my lan: One has jnos on it and the other BPQ.  The jnos pi crashed yesterday and in bringing it up again, there were errors which  I was able to deal with. The major thing that is not working now is NTP — I noticed that I’m ten minutes out.
> I looked at port 123 with tcpdump and nada.  Port 123 is open in both directions but no client server activity is shown.
> On the other pi on the lan, NTP works perfectly, so I’m confident I’m receiving the broadcasts.
> /etc/ntp.conf is using the defaults — I never touched that.
> Before I reload the operating system on the flakey pi, I was wondering if there were things I might check first.
> Thanks,
> jerome - ve7ass
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