[nos-bbs] bleeding this versus bleeding that

Boudewijn (Bob) Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Tue May 10 23:43:36 EDT 2016

The addressing problem is with both.


On 16-05-10 11:01 PM, Michael Fox - N6MEF wrote:
> Hi Maiko,
> Whether the default should be the new behavior (obey the RFC regarding telnet IAC) or the legacy behavior (ignore telnet IAC) is largely philosophical.  An argument can be made either way.  I don't have a strong preference either way, as long as the functionality exist to deal with both incoming and outgoing connections of either type on a per-forwarding-partner basis (i.e. turn on/off compression, IAC, CRONLY in either direction).
> Concerns:
> 1) Bob Tenty reported some address problems, but I don't know if he was reporting bleeding1 or bleeding2 or both.  It would be good to clarify.

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