[nos-bbs] bleeding this versus bleeding that

'Gustavo Ponza' g.ponza at tin.it
Wed May 11 13:33:12 EDT 2016

> Sounds to me that bleeding1 is the one to continue on with, so unless
> anyone has any objections I guess we'll continue with bleeding (the
> first one). Let me know your concerns, then I'll repackage the first
> one and we can continue on.

As per my three weeks experience the 'bleeding1+forward.c'
is the only full production system at I0OJJ site, and so there are
kilometers of logs demonstrating the effective JNOS2 PBBS
features versus several kind PBBS versions counterpart.
All forwarding are telnet compatible *without* any optional
switches activated on both sides.

I experienced only some sporadic segfault ... but consider
that it is working with about ten PBBSs as counterpart plus
several JNOS2 servers activated  :)

As per some msgs exchange with John G8BPQ it seems that
the JNOS2 could be work on full error free telnet forward
by activating the BPQBBS with a linefeed launched in the
connect script (perhaps after the JNOS2 logon).


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