[nos-bbs] 2.0k.rc testing summary

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Thu Jul 7 22:39:11 EDT 2016

Maiko and all,


I've been running 2.0k.rc for a few days and saving telnet traces of a link
with FBB and a link with BPQ.  I scanned the traces with grep to find the
types of problems I reported against "bleeding" and none were found.  In
fact I found no errors of any type.  Also JNOS_LOG_INCOMING_LOCAL_PORTS
seems to be working just fine.  Also, expire future is no longer deleting
recent BBS-forwarded messages.


For the record, I included below my previous summary of issues I reported
against "bleeding", updated with 2.0k.rc status.  Basically, all of the
"bleeding" issues are closed.


BRAVO!  And thank you.


When do you expect to release 2.0k?





P.S.  Reminder:  Just prior to "bleeding", one of my BPQ forwarding partners
complained that JNOS is still changing the case of message IDs, causing his
users to get duplicate messages.  But that wasn't part of 2.0k.rc work -
just a reminder.




Summary of issues reported against "bleeding":


Issue noted by Maiko:  Default behavior of handling IAC breaks forwarding
with legacy JNOS, BPQ and possibly other BBSs.  

2.0k.rc Status:  Confirmed fixed.  User has the option to default to IAC or
no-IAC and methods to override either on inbound and outbound connections.


Issue:  JNOS displays inconsistent SID.  

2.0k.rc Status:  Confirmed fixed.  JNOS now displays B1F for incoming and
outgoing connections (assuming configured for mbox fbb 2 and remote site
also handles B1F)


Issue:  On incoming sessions (remote BBS connects to JNOS), JNOS telnet
sessions hang if the remote end sends only a CR at the end of a command
because JNOS waits for the LF.  

2.0k.rc Status:  Still an issue, but with an improvement.  JNOS now waits
for mbox tdisc seconds, and then, instead of disconnecting, tries to
continue.  The real solution needs to come from FBB.


Issue:  "!" in forward.bbs only works on outbound connections.  It would be
preferable to turn off compression in both directions for a remote BBS that
doesn't handle it well.

2.0k.rc Status:  As far as I know, there's no way to selectively turn off
compression for outbound sessions.  Since compressed forwarding seems to be
working well now with all links, I don't currently have this need any


Issue:  some error messages in nos.log do not include the connection info
(<ipaddr>:<port>) or the MBOX (<callsign>) info. 

2.0k.rc Status:  Maiko has said this is not worth fixing.  The IP address
and port *are* included.  So it is possible to see which connection the
message belongs to.


Issue:  JNOS sometimes quits a forwarding session prematurely.  Nos.log does
not display a reason.

2.0k.rc Status:  Maiko mentioned seeing this occasionally/rarely with
2.0k.rc.  I haven't seen it yet with 2.0k.rc.  


Issue:  Prior to the IAC fix, telnet with FBB binary compression (mbox fbb
2) worked for inbound BPQ to JNOS forwarding, but not work for outbound JNOS
to BPQ forwarding.  

2.0k.rc Status:  Confirmed fixed.  Bi-directional forwarding with BPQ seems
to work really well.


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