[nos-bbs] 2.0k.rc testing: BPQ working.

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Wed Jul 6 23:22:56 EDT 2016

Thanks to help from Bob Tenty, I've got forwarding working the BPQ.  


Connecting to Bob's BPQ station, I used a configuration like the example



However, for the other BPQ station I forward with, AG6QO, the configuration
differs from the above example.  AG6QO evidently performs an automatic
connection to the BBS when I login.  So my forward.bbs differs from the
example on the above web page because it does not include:




In fact, if I send the BPQBBS command, I get an error and the connection is


So, my forward.bbs entry for this particular BPQ station looks like:



         telnet <ipaddr> <fbb-port> cronly





A key point for people not familiar with BPQ (like me) is that a BPQ sysop
may give you two ports - a telnet port and an "FBB" port.  Use the FBB port
number.  Otherwise, you can connect and login, but you will get protocol
errors when you forward messages. 


So far, 2.0k.rc is working great with two different BPQ machines:  Bob's
VA3TOK machine and AG6QO here in Northern California.


Also, Maiko:  I don't think I've seen a premature session abort yet.  Prior
to 2.0k.rc, they used to occur a few times a day.  I'll continue to run the
traces for another day or so.







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