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I'm having difficulty connecting to a BPQ system with 2.0k.rc using your
forward.bbs example.


I read the example here:

         # Here we are talking to a remote BPQ system

         telnet 44.x.y.z 8011 cronly







But I see different behavior.

The BPQ sysop gave me two telnet ports to try:

One, he calls the telnet port

One, he says he thinks is for FBB logins.


When I try the "FBB login" port, I get connected, but there is no SID, no
prompt, no nothing.

If I just go ahead and send my call sign (as in the example above), then BPQ
responds with "user:"

That can't be right.  So I disconnected.


When I try the telnet port with the BPQ/BPQBBS expect/send sequence above, I
get a protocol error.


When I try the telnet port without the BPQ/BPQBBS sequence above, I get:


BPQ:      user:

JNOS:    mycall

BPQ:      password:

JNOS:    mypasswd

BPQ:      Welcome to blah, blah .

BPQ:      Press ? for list of commands

BPQ:      blah, blah Connected to BBS

BPQ:      [BPQ-$]

BPQ:      NTS traffic handlers are needed blah blah.>

JNOS:    [JNOS-2.0k.rc-B1FHIM$]


BPQ:      FQ


Looks o.k., but:


I do *NOT* get "BPQ" as shown in the example above.  Is this expected on a
line by itself?

Also, I had to *NOT* use cronly.  If I use cronly, then the session hangs
after JNOS sends it's SID and FF.

Also, it only accepts uppercase in response to the user: prompt.  No big
deal, but different from above.


So neither situation matches the example.


O.K.  But does it work?  

No.  When I try to send a message via the telnet port, I get connected, make
the proposal, it is accepted, I send the message, and then it hangs.


My forward.bbs



  tcp <ipaddress> <port>







Is there something I'm missing?












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