[nos-bbs] jnos forwarding question...

Jerome Schatten romers at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 2 15:11:54 EDT 2014

Seems to me if there's a private message in the outgoing queue, jnos 
looks to see if there's an axip/axudp link to the destination, and if 
so, sends it immediately by smtp.

But what happens if the link isn't working. What I see is that the 
outgoing message ends up in /spool/mqueue and never gets sent, but tries 
again and fails again in the next forwarding cycle.

Is there no hierarchy of forwarding?  That is:  if smtp fails, it (jnos) 
looks to see if it can be forwarded via the pbbs? If not, is there a way 
to force pbbs forwarding via forward.bbs in the first place?

jerome ve7ass

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