[nos-bbs] jnos forwarding question...

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
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You need a copy of "NOSintro - TCP/IP over Packet Radio" by Ian Wade, G3NRW.
In particular the diagram on p144 is the most helpful single page every
written about NOS.  The book is out of print but can be found.  You won't be


I believe the short answer to your question is "no, there is no hierarchy of
forwarding".  In your rewrite file, you need to decide if you want the
message to be deposited into a specific mailbox to be listed in forward.bbs
for BBS forwarding, or let the SMTP client attempt to deliver it via SMTP.


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> Seems to me if there's a private message in the outgoing queue, jnos
> looks to see if there's an axip/axudp link to the destination, and if
> so, sends it immediately by smtp.
> But what happens if the link isn't working. What I see is that the
> outgoing message ends up in /spool/mqueue and never gets sent, but tries
> again and fails again in the next forwarding cycle.
> Is there no hierarchy of forwarding?  That is:  if smtp fails, it (jnos)
> looks to see if it can be forwarded via the pbbs? If not, is there a way
> to force pbbs forwarding via forward.bbs in the first place?
> jerome ve7ass
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