[nos-bbs] including original message in replies, comment text in forwards

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 20:32:32 EST 2014

>> Of course, options 3-5 won’t work for the average ham.  With over 90%
>> of desktops using Windows, it’s just not a practical option to expect
>> users to learn an entirely new operating system just to access one
>> type of messaging.  And adding a hypervisor into the mix creates a
>> third technology to learn.  Too much.
> Now that you've basically verified my tagline that if M$ really wanted
> hams to use windows they'd have incorporated our protocols into their
> kernel - basically meaning ip protocol 4,

We might almost have that with option #7 - BPQ currently has TCP on
AXIP on windows - and there is promise of the addition of Net44
tunneling in a near future release...



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