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Boudewijn (Bob) Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
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Some -OR- solutions are..

1) AGWPE (AGW packet engine) (Can also a sound-card as tnc) and use it
     a router for Thunderbird, etc.
2) Install Jnos compiled for dos, you need an additional driver for this
     so that multiple programs can access the same interface (virtual 
     I did this already in the Win3.1 days. and used nos as the router 
to amprnet.
3) Use virtualization if you have a modern laptop and install VirtualBox 
or VMware
     and install linux in a virtual machine with the ax25 utilities and 
you have both
4) Install linux in another partition of your hard drive and make it 
double boot.
5) And the classic joke: Remove Windows and Install Linux as that is all 
what you need :-)


On 14-12-17 12:09 AM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
> OK.  So, again, how?
> Assume the user has a Windows PC with Thinderbird, a radio, and a TNC.
> Michael
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> text in forwards
> Don't be confused over "at the lan" as my tnc and radio is coupled 
> with it.
> You still can receive ax25 mail, amprnet and Internet mail (winlink) 
> over the radio with this setup when Internet is down.
> Outpost with the tnc is doing ax25 only to retrieve the mail. More a 
> terminal program in the background to do the processing.
> From Thunderbird’s point of vieuw, it is only talking tcp/ip protocols 
> to handle and retrieve the mail
> from BPQ, FBB and Jnos.
> You need an ax25 stack with this, Jnos or Linux, etc. to carry tcp/ip 
> frames and for identification.
> Bob
> On 14-12-16 07:33 PM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
>> Thanks Bob. Using an intermediate host to collect all mail is an 
>> interesting solution.   But I think your last three words are the 
>> key:  “at the lan”.
>> My original question was about the mbox command line because I’m 
>> working in scenarios where the LAN/Internet doesn’t exist (i.e. 
>> because it is down, such as in EmComm, or because it doesn’t exist, 
>> such as at a remote checkpoint of a bicycle race).  So the end-user 
>> has a computer, a VHF/UHF radio, and a 1200/9600 baud TNC.  We 
>> usually use Outpost in that situation because it presents an 
>> interface like an email client to the user, but behaves like a user 
>> typing on the mbox command line to the BBS.  Outpost does include the 
>> original message.  But I was hoping for a way to do it directly from 
>> the command line, too.  From your original response, I thought 
>> perhaps you had some nifty way to use pop3 in that remote scenario.
>> Michael
>> N6MEF
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>> comment text in forwards
>> The ax25 BPQ and FBB bbs have a pop and smtp server and are set to 
>> certain ports different from my regular linux server to avoid a 
>> conflicts.
>> Fetchmail pops from BPQ, FBB, Jnos and other Internet email accounts 
>> to a linux mail server.
>> So everything for me at whatever mail address provider ends up in one 
>> mail account at my server.
>> Thunderbird at the client computers reads the mail from the server 
>> using IMAP so that all mail remains available
>> for all other clients  so everything keeps in sync. (sent, read, 
>> whatever) You will see exactly the same, sent, read and
>> the other mail directories at whatever computer you are at the lan 
>> with the same contents.
>> My Thunderbird mail inbox at whatever computer for my account 
>> contains mail to different mail To: addresses for me, all in one big 
>> inbox.
>> At the account settings you can setup outgoing smtp server(s) and 
>> identities. Separate identities are setup for these (To:) addresses
>> You can link an identity to a particular smtp server for delivery.  
>> ax25 and Internet/Amprnet mail handling is just the same, you just
>> fill in an ax25 mail address like a regular Internet  mail address.
>> If I reply to an ax25 mail for ve3tok at ve3tok.#scon.on.can.noam 
>> <mailto:ve3tok at ve3tok.#scon.on.can.noam> from 
>> ja1abc at 7M3TJZ.13.JNET1.JPN.AS <mailto:ja1abc at 7M3TJZ.13.JNET1.JPN.AS> 
>> for instance, the
>> write pane in Thunderbird will show automatically "From: 
>> ve3tok at ve3tok.#scon.can.noam <mailto:ve3tok at ve3tok.#scon.can.noam>" 
>> and sending it will go to the right smtp server what is
>> the one at my ax25 bbs in this case. This is valid to whatever 
>> identify the mail addressed is to in this inbox.
>> In a new message to whatever ax25 / Internet mail address I can 
>> change the From: address identity (drop box)  from the default.
>> Amprnet, Internet and ax25 personal mail handling are fully 
>> integrated from whatever computer at the lan.
>> Bob VE3TOK
>> On 14-12-16 01:22 AM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
>>     Thanks Bob.
>>     I don't understand.  Can you elaborate on how all the pieces
>>     parts fit together?
>>     M
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>>     comment text in forwards
>>     I pop also my ax25 only bbs like BPQ in that way and reply from
>>     Thunderbird with the proper ax25 identity
>>     using the smtp server in BPQ so Outpost is not necessary here for
>>     ax25 mail as it all can be handled by Thunderbird
>>     with the proper ax25 identity.
>>     Very convenient as I only need one application to handle all kind
>>     of mail.
>>     Bob
>>     On 14-12-16 12:15 AM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
>>         Thanks Bob.
>>         Yeah, I was looking for a command line option.  We use
>>         Outpost as an AX.25 client and it does include the original
>>         in the reply or forwarding message.  We don’t use POP
>>         because, well, if the Internet is available, there are better
>>         POP mail servers!    ;-)
>>         M
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