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OK.  So, again, how?
Assume the user has a Windows PC with Thinderbird, a radio, and a TNC.  


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</div>Don't be confused over "at the lan" as my tnc and radio is coupled with it.
You still can receive ax25 mail, amprnet and Internet mail (winlink) over the radio with this setup when Internet is down.

Outpost with the tnc is doing ax25 only to retrieve the mail.  More a terminal program in the background to do the processing.

From Thunderbird’s point of vieuw, it is only talking tcp/ip protocols to handle and retrieve the mail
from BPQ, FBB and Jnos.
You need an ax25 stack with this, Jnos or Linux, etc. to carry tcp/ip frames and for identification.


On 14-12-16 07:33 PM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
Thanks Bob.  Using an intermediate host to collect all mail is an interesting solution.   But I think your last three words are the key:  “at the lan”. 
My original question was about the mbox command line because I’m working in scenarios where the LAN/Internet doesn’t exist (i.e.             because it is down, such as in EmComm, or because it doesn’t exist, such as at a remote checkpoint of a bicycle race).  So the end-user has a computer, a VHF/UHF radio, and a 1200/9600 baud TNC.  We usually use Outpost in that situation because it presents an interface like an email client to the user, but behaves like a user typing on the mbox command line to the BBS.  Outpost does include the original message.  But I was hoping for a way to do it directly from the command line, too.  From your original response, I thought perhaps you had some nifty way to use pop3 in that remote scenario.
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The ax25 BPQ and FBB bbs have a pop and smtp server and are set to certain ports different from my regular linux server to avoid a conflicts.

Fetchmail pops from BPQ, FBB, Jnos and other Internet email accounts to a linux mail server.
So everything for me at whatever mail address provider ends up in one mail account at my server.

Thunderbird at the client computers reads the mail from the server using IMAP so that all mail remains available
for all other clients  so everything keeps in sync. (sent, read, whatever) You will see exactly the same, sent, read and
the other mail directories at whatever computer you are at the lan with the same contents.

My Thunderbird mail inbox at whatever computer for my account contains mail to different mail To: addresses for me, all in one big inbox.
At the account settings you can setup outgoing smtp server(s) and identities. Separate identities are setup for these (To:) addresses
You can link an identity to a particular smtp server for delivery.  ax25 and Internet/Amprnet mail handling is just the same, you just
fill in an ax25 mail address like a regular Internet  mail address.

If I reply to an ax25 mail for ve3tok at ve3tok.#scon.on.can.noam from ja1abc at 7M3TJZ.13.JNET1.JPN.AS for instance, the
write pane in Thunderbird will show automatically "From: ve3tok at ve3tok.#scon.can.noam" and sending it will go to the right smtp server what is
the one at my ax25 bbs in this case. This is valid to whatever identify the mail addressed is to in this inbox.

In a new message to whatever ax25 / Internet mail address I can change the From: address identity (drop box)  from  the default.

Amprnet, Internet and ax25 personal mail handling are fully integrated from whatever computer at the lan.    



On 14-12-16 01:22 AM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
Thanks Bob.
I don't understand. Can you                 elaborate on how all the pieces parts fit together?
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I pop also my ax25 only bbs like BPQ in that way and reply from Thunderbird with the proper ax25 identity
using the smtp server in BPQ so Outpost is not necessary here for ax25 mail as it all can be handled by Thunderbird
with the proper ax25 identity.

Very convenient as I only need one application to handle all kind of mail. 


On 14-12-16 12:15 AM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:
Thanks Bob.
Yeah, I was looking for a command line option. We use Outpost as an AX.25 client and it does include the original in the reply or forwarding message. We don’t use POP because, well, if the Internet is available, there are better POP mail servers! ;-)

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