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Jay Nugent jjn at nuge.com
Tue Dec 2 11:55:07 EST 2014

Greetings Michael (et al),
    we use a univperm setting in our ftpusers file.  This allows anyone to 
log on anywhere without having to create an account in advance.  Sure, 
it's not the most secure method, but it certainly made administering the 
network a whole lot easier!   And since nothing is truely private over 
Amateur Radio, there was nothing to keep for-your-eyes-only.

    In over 2 decades of doing this we have not had any issues with people 
logging into other peoples accounts and doing harm.  Maybe the user base 
is just not that interested or smart???   We *DID* set the sysop accounts 
to REQUIRE an actual password.  But that is a much smaller list that isn't 
ever changing.

# --- SYSOPS ---
wb8tkl password / 0x4407f
wb8glq password / 0x4407f
kb8vyq password / 0x4407f
# --- SPECIAL ---
univperm  * /public 262203

    Have fun!
       --- Jay Nugent  WB8TKL
           Ypsilanti, Michigan
           Michigan AMPRnet

On Tue, 2 Dec 2014, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:

> All,
> I'd like to expand the use of telnet into JNOS.  But that's just not going
> to happen with the current password management paradigm of editing a text
> file on each machine every time I need to add a user or change someone's
> password.  Managing new users over multiple machines is reason enough to
> make this a non-starter for me.  But changing passwords and responding to
> forgotten password queries over multiple machines is liable to be an even
> bigger problem.
> Has anyone thought about how JNOS might be coupled with other linux services
> such as RADIUS so that:
> -- user logins could be created in one place for multiple machines
> -- users could update their own passwords and that update would apply to
> multiple machines
> -- A "Forgotten password" reset function would be available to all, instead
> of having to go to the sysop each time.
> -- The overall solution is not so complicated that it's harder to manage
> than JNOS itself.
> If so, what does a practical solution look like?
> Michael


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