[nos-bbs] Telnet password management

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Tue Dec 2 10:21:43 EST 2014



I'd like to expand the use of telnet into JNOS.  But that's just not going
to happen with the current password management paradigm of editing a text
file on each machine every time I need to add a user or change someone's
password.  Managing new users over multiple machines is reason enough to
make this a non-starter for me.  But changing passwords and responding to
forgotten password queries over multiple machines is liable to be an even
bigger problem.


Has anyone thought about how JNOS might be coupled with other linux services
such as RADIUS so that:

-- user logins could be created in one place for multiple machines

-- users could update their own passwords and that update would apply to
multiple machines

-- A "Forgotten password" reset function would be available to all, instead
of having to go to the sysop each time.

-- The overall solution is not so complicated that it's harder to manage
than JNOS itself.


If so, what does a practical solution look like?




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