[nos-bbs] Xnet and forward.bbs - finally figured out a long standing issue

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Thu Nov 7 09:39:31 EST 2013


I've had tons of problems trying to forward to BBS systems via any
Xnet nodes. I think I finally know the forward.bbs better than anyone
on the planet after having fought with it for 2 hours last night and
another hour this morning. For example, if I want to forward with Gus'
OBCM system via his Xnet node, I need to use something like this :

NOTE : the '+' only SETS the search string, it does not read it in,
        that is the job of the '*' or '@' directives.

     ax25 gus i0ojj-3
     .c i0ojj-8
     +link setup

The last line one typically sees after connecting to Xnet is (example) :

    15:25:18 07.11.13 VE4KLM de I0OJJ-3 >

The above script absolutely should work, but it doesn't. Why ? Because
JNOS uses an fgets call that expects a NL at the end of each line sent
to it, BUT the above line by Xnet is not terminated by a NL, so what
happens is that the forward.bbs times out (doesn't matter how big you
make the timeout value, the NL will never show up) and aborts.

Solution - I am modifying the code to deal with the exception.

Why am I telling you all this ? Because you've probably had similar
issues and have no clue as to why it's happening. Anyways ...


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