[nos-bbs] RIP woes

Gustavo Ponza g.ponza at tin.it
Wed Nov 6 13:40:40 EST 2013

Yes! Maiko solved the RIP problem exactly one year ago,
(Fri, 2 Nov 2012) by sending to me some changes to
edit the 'rip.c' file and I confirmed the positive results.

Other goodies are already *now* on-the-road :)


On 11/06/2013 06:26 PM, Maiko Langelaar wrote:
>> Either way, having the line in config.h would have saved me days.
> You need to read the release notes, you would have seen this below :
>   3) JNOS ignores RIP routes 'tagged' other then IPIP, but there may be
>      cases where the tag is not being set properly by the system
>      originating the RIP broadcasts, resulting in JNOS ignoring all
>      the RIP route broadcasts. If this is the case then add the following
>      to config.h, remove rip.o, and recompile JNOS using 'make' command :
>         #define IGNORE_RIP_TAG   /* Gus (I0OJJ) this one's for you :) */
> Maiko
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