[nos-bbs] RIP woes

Michael E. Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Wed Nov 6 13:30:27 EST 2013

I hear you.  

But for a few days, nobody mentioned this (including you)  ;-)  

And, I did read the release notes a while ago.  But this didn't click.
Perhaps because the description below is a bit confusing.  The description
would suggest that JNOS ignores RIP routes tagged other than IPIP, period.
And that the IGNORE_RIP_TAG only affects improperly set tags.    But that's
not really the case.  A Route Tag of 0 is not improper.  In fact, a tag of 0
is the default for regular RIP routers.  

So, I would suggest:

1)  add "undef IGNORE_RIP_TAG  /* define to allow non-IPIP RIP (route tag =
anything) */" to config.h
This makes it easy to notice that something is restricting the RIP routes.
And it makes it easy to modify with 'sed', for those of us who use a little
script to apply our standard settings to config.h

2)  Change the release notes description to:
"By default, JNOS ignores RIP routes with a route tag other than '4' (used
by AMPRnet for IPIP routes).  This is controlled in config.h by "#undef
IGNORE_RIP_TAG".  To allow RIP to accept any route tag (including standard
RIP routes), change "#undef IGNORE_RIP_TAG" to "#define IGNORE_RIP_TAG"...
(or something to that effect).


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> Either way, having the line in config.h would have saved me days.

You need to read the release notes, you would have seen this below :

   3) JNOS ignores RIP routes 'tagged' other then IPIP, but there may be
      cases where the tag is not being set properly by the system
      originating the RIP broadcasts, resulting in JNOS ignoring all
      the RIP route broadcasts. If this is the case then add the following
      to config.h, remove rip.o, and recompile JNOS using 'make' command :

         #define IGNORE_RIP_TAG   /* Gus (I0OJJ) this one's for you :) */

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