[nos-bbs] RIP configuration woes

Michael E. Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sun Nov 3 23:05:44 EST 2013

I'm trying to create the following RIP configuration in JNOS:


Accept RIP v2 updates on interface tun0 from linux quagga ripd

Don't accept RIP in on any other interface

Don't send RIP out on any interface 


I have quagga configured with a neighbor entry for the JNOS address so it
will send unicast since JNOS doesn't accept multicast.

I can see the routes going out on the tun0 interface.

But no matter what I try, JNOS doesn't seem to listen to what quagga is
sending out.  "rip status" shows 0 rec'd and "rip trace 2" shows nothing. 


What is the proper JNOS configuration?





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