[nos-bbs] FW: RIP configuration woes

Michael E. Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Mon Nov 4 16:19:12 EST 2013



More info:

Apparently, JNOS RIP doesn't listen to unicast.  

I tried a new build with #define RIPAMPRGW (normally I have it undefined)

This allowed me to use the ip upstairs command.  That caused it to actually
start receiving the rip updates.  But then "rip trace 2" shows errors that
the incoming packets are not IPIP and it ignores the routes.


So, again, how do I get JNOS to accept regular RIPv2 updates using either
the multicast or a unicast address?

And how do I restrict it to only listen to specific neighbors on specific







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I'm trying to create the following RIP configuration in JNOS:


Accept RIP v2 updates on interface tun0 from linux quagga ripd

Don't accept RIP in on any other interface

Don't send RIP out on any interface 


I have quagga configured with a neighbor entry for the JNOS address so it
will send unicast since JNOS doesn't accept multicast.

I can see the routes going out on the tun0 interface.

But no matter what I try, JNOS doesn't seem to listen to what quagga is
sending out.  "rip status" shows 0 rec'd and "rip trace 2" shows nothing. 


What is the proper JNOS configuration?





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