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Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 19:54:32 EST 2013

Hi Maiko,

Running with your original kludge for the moment.

I don't see any L3RTT queries by jnos on my interface to Xnet or broadcasts.
L3RTT queries by Xnet are addressed to the Netrom call of Jnos and arriving

Switched on netrom debug in Jnos and L3RTT queries are send to
the conventional netrom neighbour calls of the other interfaces
according to the log.

Now in your code the ax25 interfaces are written to a (linked) list and
to receive a L3RTT query.
It seems that the interface to Xnet is skipped for L3RTT transmissions.

I have also noticed that ax25 interfaces without activity (for whatever
don't get a L3RTT query according to the log.

I have the slight feeling  that jnos first waits for activity before a
query / broadcast  is send
at all.

Xnet always sends a broadcast before a neighbour reacts.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here but that are my observations.




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