[nos-bbs] INP3 settings jnos

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sun Nov 3 07:57:05 EST 2013


> I was searching for inp3 instead of inp :-(

I completely rewrote it, my original 'inp3' was majorly
flawed and I didn't understand it very well (still don't
understand some portions of it). I figured a read only
version was a good start. I wasn't about ready to start
broadcasting INP frames to others, and mess up their node
tables and such. The idea was to initially just be able
to see other INP capable nodes and connect to them.

> I think that the best is a list of interfaces who want INP3.

Okay, that's what I will do then. Thanks.

> Found your kluge so I will adapt it ...

Yeah, I feel bad, I should have dealt with that last year,
but I kinda forgot about it. Sorry guys ...


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