[nos-bbs] smtp gateway and exceptions - take care

Michael E. Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sat Dec 21 20:34:52 EST 2013

If you're using an smtp gateway, take care to configure an exception for
yourself.  Specifically .


IF you have configured an smtp gateway with "smtp gateway <addr>"

AND you have configured the mode to "first " with "smtp gateway mode first"

THEN you MUST HAVE at least one exception for yourself.

For example, if your JNOS address is configured with "ip address",
then you need "smtp gateway exception add 0xffffffff"


I was making some changes and I took out the exception I previously had for
all 44.x ( 0xff000000).  This caused a major problem for bulletin
processing.  When I received a bulletin, say to "today at ww", rewrite properly
rewrote it to the "today" area.  But instead of being deposited there, it
was sent to the smtp gateway.  The gateway would bounce it because the
recipient address "today at ww" is not a fully qualified smtp address.
Usually, the source of the bulletin was not a valid smtp address either and
so that bounced too.  


This happened with locally generated messages, too.  For example, from the
JNOS console, I connected to an mbox session using the "bbs" command.  From
there, I used "sp sysop" to send a local message.  Instead of landing in the
sysop area, it was sent to the mail gateway, which bounced it back to me due
to an incomplete address.


The solution was to add an exception for my own JNOS address.


Maiko:  I don't know if this was your intent.  Maybe there is some utility
that I don't understand for sending even local processing to the gateway.  I
do see the potential for an endless loop.  For example, suppose I had used a
fully qualified address, like sysop at n6mef.ampr.org, instead of a local-only
address.  Instead of putting it in the user mailbox, I presume it would be
sent to the gateway.  Since it's a fully qualified address, the gateway
would then try to forward it back to n6mef.ampr.org, which would then send
it to the gateway again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.   (I didn't try this 'cuz I
didn't want to crash the system.)






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