[nos-bbs] tnc-pi ports

jnos at vk3api.sytes.net jnos at vk3api.sytes.net
Sun Dec 15 22:58:53 EST 2013

Hi All,
I have downloaded and installed a version of jnos for the raspberry pi 
from the Michigan ARPSC site.

This came complete with a configuration utility aimed at the Michigan 2m 
frequencies. As a first try I used the utility to set up a working jnos 
system including an available ( erroneous)  frequency

Those frequencies are not compatible with VK3 allocations and I was 
wondering if there is an easy way to change all the occurrences of the 
frequency name or even a list of the files and directories which need to 
be edited.

I am very much a newbie still finding my way around the Linux systems 
but know at least enough to get myself in trouble .

I would also like to set up an network only forwarding with my FBB BBS. 
Could anyone advise me on the process for setting up such a partnership, 
particularly  when both ends of the path will have the same callsign.

The jnos system is a raspberry pi with a tnc-pi and a wireless link into 
the local network . At the moment it has a mouse keyboard and monitor 
but will normally be running headless.

Regards Tony VK3API

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