[nos-bbs] nos-bbs Digest, Vol 112, Issue 30

Charles Hargrove n2nov at n2nov.net
Sun Dec 15 22:36:49 EST 2013

I got the sources for 2.0j.4, but I still am having problems getting an FBB
session going.  I even got the sources for 2.0j.X, but still no joy.  The
autoexec.nos has the statement mbox fbb 2.

I get "FBB error, expected FS, got Huh?" when trying VE1JOT and I get
"FBB error, expected FS, got *** [2] Use B2 protocol - Disconnecting"
when trying to forward a message to WL2K CMStelnet.

Any ideas?

> First get all the source for 2.0j.4:
> rsync -a www.langelaar.net::jnos2 /path/to/jnos/source
> Then get the changes for the 2.0j.X
> rsync -a www.langelaar.net::jnosX /path/to/jnos/source
> make clean
> make
> Worked for me.

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