[nos-bbs] Setting up for basic packet radio

Chris Maness chris at chrismaness.com
Mon Mar 26 16:25:40 EDT 2012

> What default KISS parameters? There are KISS parameters already set in
> the TT4, so by not putting anything in the autoexec.nos file there
> should not be any issues, correct?

When you are using kiss.  The guest software handles the AX.25
parameters (I am pretty sure)

> It almost seems to me that my transmitted packets are not good.
> Whether it is that my audio levels are not adjusted or the packets are
> mangled in some way I don't know. But the funny thing is that I was
> able to get digipeated on APRS multiple times and I am able to receive
> on both networks (APRS and packet).

Have you listened to the packets?  Do they sounds somewhat normal.?
What are you trying to connect to?  Have you tried to connect to other
random nodes?

> I am using linux.
> Thanks for the replies,
> Brett

Since you are running Linux, I can send you an autoexec.nos file that
is very simple, but allows some connectivity between Linux and JNOS.
I have made this file for folks who want a very basic setup.  What
version of JNOS are you running?

73's de KQ6UP

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