[nos-bbs] JNOS SMTP/POP without TCP...

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Thu May 5 13:25:42 EDT 2011

>From a couple notes on the Wetnet list...   Something interesting to consider...

Bill - WA7NWP


>> Somewhat related, thanks to an interesting post on one of the other
>> SIG's in the past couple weeks, I'm intrigued by the concept of
>> running POP and SMTP over non-TCP AX25 channels.   I'll be planting
>> the idea on NOS-BBS and seeing if there's some simple twist to the
>> JNOS2 code that would enable testing it.   It might already be there.
>> Bill - WA7NWP

> won't adding uucp to jnos2 make more sence then pop and smtp without tcpip?
> afterall pop and smtp is limited to mail and does not suport compresion
> while uucp is far more flexible
> 73 Andre PE1RDW

Absolutely...   We still don't have a simple file copy standard
program for packet which is pretty amazing after all these years.
UUCP would give us that and much more.

UUCP for NOS would probably be a significant project.   The UUCP
functions are probably available somewhere as an open source but not
GPL library which would take care of a significant part of the effort.

For the proposal at hand, I was thinking it would be fairly straight
forward to tie existing pieces of JNOS in a new way to get the
SMTP/POP functionality.

I believe folks have done UUCP over legacy packet on a Nix system but
I've never seen documentation on how to set it up.  That would be
something else interesting to try.

Also note that JNOS does have compression for SMTP.   It's
non-standard so it won't work with other platforms but it is there and
it works fairly well.

Bill - WA7NWP

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