[nos-bbs] Jnos2 interface trace to file

Joe Erlewein joe at n8ouz.org
Fri May 6 13:24:33 EDT 2011

In my experience so far running a headless virtualized Jnos2 server, I've made a looooong list of things to check.
(My ultimate goal is a small footprint transportable basic config under Virtualbox, physical interfaces connected to Digi PortServers over ethernet, connecting to TNCs, etc)

back to the point of this email.. 
"on-air" traffic (trace vhf 0111) that I'm capturing in 'screen' (manually using c-A H) is minimal... compared to standard logging to dmesg/syslog resources.

I'd like to (at least temporarily) log tracing on all interfaces to logfiles for later analysis.. somehow "other", i mean, than manually telnetting to localhost, logging in, @ command, turning on tracing, and then starting a screenlog capture.

Any ideas?


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