[nos-bbs] B2F bulletin fixes, etc ...

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Thu May 5 15:15:19 EDT 2011

Hi Gus,

> 3. In the B2F protocol, as implemented into the JNOS, we can see a
> previous 'lzhuf' mail compression (just after the two JNOS connected
> each other) followed by a FS ++ line, then another 'lzhuf' compression
> equivalent to the previous one, and then the sending by using the FC
> lines.
> a. Perhaps, (I think) there is no need to make the first compression.

The logs can be misleading here. In the B2F protocol, the FC proposal
must contain payload compressed/uncompressed size values, meaning that
before I can send out any FC proposal, I have to do the compression of
the payload BEFORE the remote station agrees to accept the proposal.

This of course is much different than regular FBB stuff, where the payload
is generated by my side only if the remote station accepts my proposal.

> b. Since the impossibility to select/reject the incoming mails, (then)
> on this stage, on behalf of the first compression (or before it, if that
> is needed) a previous FA proposal line could be sent (shown) and
> challenged, followed by the FS reply (as it appears on the process),
> then the lhzuf compression *only* for the accepted mails and finally the
> FC forwarding lines.
> In that way we can reach our goal and also reduce the operating time.

No, B2F uses strictly 'FC' proposal, you can not mix B2F and BF like that.

> NOTE: The linux /tmp directory fills up of lzhuf *binmails* and readable
> mails generated by the above JNOS processes...

The latest *update* does not do that to my knowledge. Try and remove the
ones you already see there, the latest *update* should not do it anymore.


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