[nos-bbs] Question about RIP2 and JNOS

Edgar Barranco r00t at linuxlatino.org
Fri Jan 28 16:09:43 EST 2011


I have successfully setup my JNOS to get the gateways information from
the amprgw.sysnet.ucsd.edu gateway via multicast/RIP2.

I was monitoring the systems network with: tcpdump not port 22 and I
noticed the following: http://pastebin.com/bhWHa2Jx

I moved the machine to the DMZ zone thinking maybe my router is
blocking the packet, but I still get the same result.

It looks like I receive the RIP2 ok, but when the JNOS attempt to send
back some type of acknowledge it is ignore by the server. I looked
over the rfc1058.txt and section 3.4.2 deal with the response, but it
indicates that it will be ignored if not on port 520.

Is this what it happening here? My JNOS seems to be sending
information back on a random port (not always 34348). I would like to
ask before diving in to the rip*.* files of the source if this is
normal and I should ignore it, or do I need to look deeper in to this
and how the router treats these types of connections.


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