[nos-bbs] Question about RIP2 and JNOS

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sat Jan 29 22:14:18 EST 2011


> I have successfully setup my JNOS to get the gateways information from
> the amprgw.sysnet.ucsd.edu gateway via multicast/RIP2.

So it is working just like it does when you used encap.txt ? You 
can see the routes in JNOS when you list them ?

> I was monitoring the systems network with: tcpdump not port 22 and I
> noticed the following: http://pastebin.com/bhWHa2Jx

Sorry, but what does that have to do with the RIP ?

  I moved the machine to the DMZ zone thinking maybe my router is
> blocking the packet, but I still get the same result.

What packet ?

> It looks like I receive the RIP2 ok, but when the JNOS attempt to send
> back some type of acknowledge it is ignore by the server. I looked
> over the rfc1058.txt and section 3.4.2 deal with the response, but it
> indicates that it will be ignored if not on port 520.

Can you trace this and send it to me directly ? Just use :

    trace encap 0211 encap.log 20000

And let it run UNTIL you see JNOS sending something back to the server,
all mine is showing so far is just 'encap recv', then email me the log
(off list) if you don't mind.

> My JNOS seems to be sending information back on a random port ...

That could very well be normal. I think I may have seen that some time
ago. It might have been discussed on the amprnet mailling list, I'll have
to go check. You have to realize that all we do with the data is 
read it into our tables, anything we send back is really not 
relevant, it's all broadcast.

I would not read into the RFC too deeply, we just use what we can from
the incoming information, and that's about it, nothing fancy here.

How do you have your RIP configured in autoexec.nos ?


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