[nos-bbs] JNOS and Winlink interfacing -- close but stuck

Willie Hein WJ3G wj3g at comcast.net
Sun Jan 2 10:42:40 EST 2011

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On 12/31/2010 04:50 PM, John Goerzen wrote:
> On 12/31/2010 10:56 AM, Maiko Langelaar wrote: 

> Okay, I missed this line completely. Sorry about that John. Willie gave
>> a good answer, you can try out linuxRMS if that is all you really want
>> out of this.
> That doesn't do what I want, from what I can tell.  It provides a way
> for others to access the Winlink system, but does not provide a way
> for me to download my mail any easier than I already had.  I can
> telnet to it and use the CLI, but then I could already do that.
Another client option would be Airmail. Not a linux client, but worked
here under wine. Untested by me on how it works against a tnc/rf interfface.
> I found paclink-unix that may do what I'm after, actually.  But JNOS
> can do this too, right?  What I'm after is a way to get my mail out of
> Winlink and into a Maildir or IMAP folder or something where I can
> munge it using my usual tools.
I don't think paclink-unix is able to communicate with the current cms
servers, and why linuxRMS project started.

Willie WJ3G

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