[nos-bbs] JNOS and Winlink interfacing -- close but stuck

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 14:24:06 EST 2011

Maiko & others,

I discovered what is going on..

If I try this

ve3mch P
ax25 xnet ve3mch-10 ve3mch-8

Messages from for instance mailbox VA3TOK ("To:" address)  will always 
be accepted by winlink as it is a registered user there.


These will only be published by winlink if the "From:" is  VE3MCH 
(callsign of jnos & rms)  and  NOT
if the "From:"  is from any other user at Jnos.(even if that that user 
is also a registered user at winlink!)

If they are from another jnos user they are accepted by winlink but are 
internally disregarded by winlink
after the fact.

jnos doesn't know and I don't know.

It is failure in the winlink protocol as it should refuse such a message 
if the "From:" isn't correct.



On 11-01-01 01:00 AM, Maiko Langelaar wrote:
> John,
> I have a forward session done to my local RMS packet node once an hour,
> what I have detailed below works for me 100 percent. You will have to
> modify it to accomodate your connect path of course, but it's quite
> simple and it does indeed work. I've been using it for months now.
> My bbscall for my JNOS system is ve4klm. The callsign of the RMS packet
> node is ve4pkt-10. My /jnos/spool/forward.bbs entry for the RMS node :
> -------
> ve4pkt
> ax25 rms ve4pkt-10
> ve4pkt
> nh0e
> wu3v
> ve7dhm
> ve5mu
> k8rra
> wb0tax
> ve3tok
> ve2pkt
> w3jks
> wb5rmg
> n0mr
> ab6mt
> w6ray
> i0ojj
> -------------
> Why all those callsigns you may ask ? Because I know all of those
> callsigns can be reached via Winlink, so each time I compose a message
> on my JNOS to any of those callsigns (ie, SP VE3TOK), the next time I
> run a 'mbox ki ve4pkt' or it does it on it's own, I know that message
> will get forwarded to the RMS packet node and onto winlink.
> If all you want is to receive messages (and this is the important part)
> to your bbscall (in my case VE4KLM), then really you only need to have
> a minimum forward.bbs entry that looks like this :
> -------
> ve4pkt
> ax25 rms ve4pkt-10
> ve4pkt
> -------
> I will never ever send a message to ve4pkt, so it will work fine. I
> suppose you could put a placeholder callsign in there, like wl2k, it
> would not matter since no messages are ever going to be send to that
> placeholder call. Of course replace the 've4pkt' with the call of the
> RMS packet node in your area, and modify your connect script part.
> You might be asking, where is my own bbscall in this ? It is not
> necessary, the forward.bbs is for outgoing messages only. If there
> is a message waiting for me on the RMS node, it will get forwarded
> to JNOS and put in my <bbscall> area. I run POP3 server on my JNOS,
> so my thunderbird client grabs the message and I see it at work :)
> That's how it works right now. Basically JNOS becomes your own
> personal mailbox system with the winlink email address of :
> <bbscall>@winlink.org
> provided you registered with winlink. I Hope that makes sense.
> Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM
> Happy new year (to all) !!!
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