[nos-bbs] agwpe/flexnet interfaces, . . . . , and so on ..

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Mon Dec 26 22:15:31 EST 2011

Problem solved ...

> Alan,
> Your autoexec entries look fine.
>> before I get hours deep into the 9-25 pin null-modem cable hell.
> How about just the VERY simple TX to RX, RX to TX, GND to GND.
> Don't add any extra handshake commands to autoexec.nos
> That's what I have used for years.
> Maiko

Three wires is what had always worked for me too.
To make a very long story nice and short- the COM port had no Tx .!.

This actually solved a riddle from a year and a half ago as well.
I took some lightning and lost my weather station, and have tried
off and on for 1.5 yr to fix the weather station.
Duh - the COM port was bad as well.

I have the (Windows) RMS-GW now using the JNOS TNC by way of AGWpe.
I'll post a short write-up and a diagram on my blog someday.......
Un-elegant certainly, but Awesome in a word. One TNC / One Radio !

    Thanks  /;^)
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